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Nevis Apartments Queenstown

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When will construction commence and when is completion anticipated ?

Construction is due to commence mid – 2019 with completion by mid – 2021

What is the titling structure of the apartments ?

The apartments are Stratum in Freehold – meaning you own the apartment and a
share of the common property

What is a Body Corporate ?

It is the management body of a building in which all owners are a member. It’s
responsibilities are defined in the Unit Titles Act 2010.

How many car spaces are provided ?

All apartments have a designated basement car park and there will also be numerous parks outside for visitors

Are the internal and external specifications defined?

Yes – these are available on request

Do all apartments have a balcony ?

Yes – of approximately 9m2

Are there furniture packages available ?

Yes – these are available on request

How many lifts are there ?


What deposit is required ?

A 10% deposit is required for NZ residents and 20% for non-residents.

Who holds the deposit ?

The deposit will be held in the Trust Account of RVG Law

Who is responsible for organising apartment and building insurance ?

The Body Corporate

What provision is there for rubbish ?

There will be an area in the basement with rubbish and recycling bins

Does the developer have building warranties ?

Yes – for a period of 12 months

Can I rent my apartment out ?

Yes – the minimum allowable period is 3 months

Are pets allowed in my apartment ?

Yes – with prior written consent of the Body Corporate